You Can Now Play Finnish 27 ™ on Your Desktop and Mobile Devices Without Installing a New App!

I and my partners at are hosting a web app. The web app enables players to do the following.

  • Select a family of table card games to play from a group of two families consisting of the Finnish 27™ and Big Slick™.
  • Select a game to play from a group of five games belonging to the selected family.
  • Play the selected game.

The web app is hosted on a service For that reason, people can now play with this app without the need for downloading an app to your desktop or mobile devices. I thank my partners at for making this possible.

Click Here to Play Now!

I Updated Rules for Poker-Like Finnish 27 Game.

Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are,

Some time ago, I posted a free app for Android devices to the Google Play App Store. The app enables people to play comparing card games belonging to the Finnish 27™ family of table card games. One of the comparing card games is described as being “Poker-like”. I changed the rules for the Poker-Like Finnish 27™ game featured in the app. For that reason, I have updated the rules for the Poker-like Finnish 27™ game on site as well.


U.S. Patent 9162137B2 Issued to Kevin Michael McDaniel


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Sometime ago, I invented Finnish 27, a new family of table-card games. I don’t know whether my invention is worth anything. Just in case it is, I decided to patent it before telling the world about it.

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