On this page, I have posted a list of links to other related websites. If you are a webmaster and would like to be added, then please contact us with title, description and URL. For example, see the links listed below.

TITLE: Finnish 27 Web Application

Description: This link lead to a web application. The web application will enable people to play a choice of five card games belonging to the Finnish 27 ™ family of table-card games !!! Each game includes exciting graphics!! Each game includes sound effects and music with the special permission of famous composer and artist Milton Parades. Imagine the fun you will have trying out all four of the games!!!


TITLE: Card Game Rules

Description: is a website containing rules to hundreds of card games from all over the world. Maintained by John McLeod, it contains information for traditional, commercial, and newly invented card games from all over the world.


TITLE: Symbiosis

Description: Purveyors of fine raw coconut products. Products include water, meat, and smoothie mixes.