Content Safety



I checked my email today. I had the ability. I am grateful. I found. Philip Knight sent me a message. It appears. Philip Knight is chief content manager at rates website content safety. In the message, Philip Knight stated. I am happy to inform you. The website has been awarded by our system as one of the safest websites to be recommended for users in 2022!

The award consists of a bit of HTML code. I copied the HTML code. I added a new web page to the website. I pasted the HTML code into the new web page. The award now appears on the new web page. The new web page has a title. The title is Awards. I added a link to the Awards web page to the website menu.

The website menu contains links to the public web pages of the website. These links include a link to the Play web page. The first step in playing any game is. The players must agree upon a predetermined set of game rules. On five webpages, I have described the predetermined sets of game rules for five card games belong to the Finnish 27 ™family of table-card games. On one web page, I described the general set of game rules for all card games belonging to the Finnish 27 ™ family of table-card games. Previously, links to these webpages appeared in the website menu. These links made the website menu appear cluttered. I have moved these links to a submenu. The submenu is accessible under the link to the Play web page in the website menu. I simplified the website menu. I had the ability. I am grateful. The website menu now looks neat.