I have listed US Patent 9162137B2 for sale with Tynax Patent Brokers.

Thank you for being a wonderful person. I have consulted with a patent broker. The patent broker informed me about the realities of the patent market. A patent is a right to exclude others from practicing an invention without a license. It is a right to go to court and bring a lawsuit against an infringer. It is a weapon of litigation. The patent broker stated. He has been a patent broker for over fifteen years. In that time, he has never seen a company buy a patent, because they admire the technology or want to build a product that incorporates the patent invention. Companies view patents as weapons of litigation. They hold a stock of patents aimed at their competitors in the same way the U.S. and Russia have nuclear weapons aimed at each other. A company does not need to buy a patent to incorporate the patent invention into its product. Let us suppose. A company does practice a patent invention without buying a license. In that event, it is infringing on the patent. But most large corporations just go ahead and infringe away because they calculate. They can likely out muscle the patent holder in court. These companies have a duty to shareholders. Their duty is. Maximize revenue and minimize expenditures. For that reason, they will not buy the patent or pay a licensing fee unless they are forced to do so. The motivations of buyers are. Patent holders can collect back royalties from infringers. Let us suppose. A patent is nineteen years old. In that event, the patent holder could potentially collect nineteen years of back royalties. Let us suppose. A patent is one year old. In that event, the patent is rarely if ever going to have enough infringers to justify any interest from a buyer. So what I am hoping is. Companies will. See my invention. Adopt my invention. Incorporate the patent invention into products. Sell products on a large scale. Make a boat load of money doing so. After ten or more years, I can sell the patent. At that point, the new patent holder can go collect royalties from infringers. The new patent holder can make licensing deals.

Most patents sell for about the price of new car. Something in the range of 25000 to 50000 USD. Occasionally, a patent will fetch the price of luxury car. Something in the range of 50000 to 100000 USD. Please understand. This patent is not most patents. In the state of Nevada alone, comparing card games belonging to the Blackjack family of table card games bring in about one billion U.S. dollars per year for casino operators. Comparing games belonging to the Baccarat family of table card games bring about the same. People love to gamble. The money making potential of this invention is truly staggering.  For more information, visit tynax.com.

I posted my Patent for sale in a new eBay advertisement.

The new eBay advertisement replaces an older eBay advertisement. I was having a problem editing the older eBay advertisement for some reason. I contacted customer service at eBay. I was told. My advertisement exceeded my pricing limits. Maybe all I needed to do was come down on the price. In any case, I eventually decided. I should replace the old advertisement with a new one. The eBay item number of the new advertisement is 125148623076.

Let us suppose. You have read this far. In that event, you have been generous with your time and energy. Your generosity is an inspiration. You inspire me. The existence of one totality makes possible an infinite number, diversity, and variety of myths. It’s the way that things appear to be. Optimism correlates with happiness and good health. Have the highest esteem of yourself and of your world. Our minds have the power. We can cause things to manifest. Choose to manifest infinite abundance. I wish us happiness and good health. I offer you my best regards.